Why Gold Loan?

Why go for Personal or Business loans when you have the power of gold with you! Get ACHIIEVERS QUICK GOLD LOAN against your gold, in few minutes! With Achiievers Quick Gold Loan scheme, no more than a few minutes to generate cash by pledging your Gold Ornaments and Jewellery.

Gold today is not only utilised as an ornament which adds to a women’s charm but is also seen as an appreciating investment vehicles. Evidently rates offered by gold loans are far cheaper than a personal loan.

Gold loans can be a good alternative to personal loans. It can help you raise funds to pay off some high cost liabilities such as credit card outstanding. You can raise money for medical emergencies using gold loans. It can also help you pay for some important expenses such as your child’s education. If you are running a business, you can consider taking an overdraft facility against the gold ornaments deposited with the bank. This can help you meet your working capital requirements as and when they arise. You pay a simple interest only for the amount utilized for the number of days. Some individuals can look at such overdraft facility against gold as a very good alternative to ‘creation of an emergency fund’.

For example, a salaried individual may find it difficult to keep aside money equivalent to one year’s expenses aside, but he can keep his gold ornaments with the bank and take an overdraft facility that allows him draw funds if need be. Thus, gold loans can help you strengthen your financial plan and come handy to you in many ways.

Today’s Gold price

Rs. 2100 (/ gm)