Company Overview

We, Achiievers Quick Gold Loan, trade name of Instant Suppliers Pvt Ltd, are a “Systemically Important Non-Deposit Taking NBFC” (NBFC-ND-SI) headquartered in the East Indian state of Kolkata. We focus on Gold Loan Finance. We are a group company of Achiievers Equities Ltd (“AEL”), a diversified financial services company. We started our gold financing company in Kolkata, India. Our first branch opened on 10th of July 2013 and currently we are having 3 Branches. We provide personal loans, secured by gold jewellery, or Gold Loans, primarily to individuals who possess gold jewellery but are not able to access formal credit within a reasonable time, or to whom credit may not be available at all, to meet unanticipated or other short-term liquidity requirements.

Our customers are typically small businessmen, vendors, traders, farmers and salaried individuals, who for reasons of convenience, accessibility or necessity, avail of our credit facilities by pledging their gold jewellery with us rather than by taking loans from banks and other financial institutions. We provide retail loan products, primarily comprising Gold Loans. Our Gold Loans have a maximum 12 month term. We focus on rapid, on the spot approval and disbursement of loans with minimal procedural formalities which our customers need to complete in order to avail a loan from us. We have developed various Gold Loan schemes, which offer variable terms in relation to the amount advanced per gram of gold, the interest rate and the amount of the loan, to meet the different needs of various customers. Our lending functions are supported by an in-house, custom developed information technology platform that allows us to, record relevant customer details and approve and disburse the loan. Our web based centralized IT platform which connects all branches also handles internal audit, risk monitoring and management of the relevant loan and pledged gold related information. Our employees undergo periodic training sessions related to evaluation of the worth and authenticity of the gold that is pledged with us.

We intend to increase our presence in under-served rural and semi-urban markets, where a large portions of the population have limited access to credit either because they do not meet the eligibility requirements of banks or financial institutions, or because credit is not available in a timely manner at reasonable rates of interest, or at all. A typical Gold Loan customer expects high loan-to-value ratios, rapid and accurate appraisals, easy access, fewer documentation, quick approval and disbursement and safekeeping of their pledged ornaments. We attribute our growth, in part, to our market penetration, particularly in areas which we believe are less served by organized lending institutions, which is reflected in the fact majority of our branches are located in rural and semi-urban areas as on data and simple and streamlined procedural formalities which our customers need to complete in order to complete a loan transaction with us, which enables us to attract new and retain existing customers. We also attribute our growth to customer loyalty. We believe that a large portion of our customer base returns to us when they are in need of funds.

Our group company, Achiievers Equities Ltd (AEL) is a financial services organization having presence across India. AEL Group’s services and products include retail broking, institutional equities, commodities and currency broking, wealth advisory, credit & finance, insurance broking, and financial products distribution. The product/ services portfolio of AEL caters to the diverse investment and strategic requirements of retail, institutional, corporate and affluent clients. AEL is operating with 6 Branches and 240 Business Associates (franchisees) throughout India. The current operations are spread across India, with offices in eastern and northern zone. It operates with the network of 300 trading centers throughout India and all these activities are coordinated from corporate office located at Kolkata, West Bengal.

Over the past several years, we have expanded our presence into markets that are of greater relevance to the products we offer.


“We aspire to become a pioneering and forward-looking organization that is collaborative, nimble, innovative and responsive to the changing needs of our clients.”


“It is our vision to be one of India’s leading financial conglomerates, offering complete financial solutions that encompass every sphere of life.”
We wish to achieve our vision by only doing what´s right.

Core Values:


We at Achiievers Quick Gold Loan follow a transparent, easier and quicker process:

  • Customer is explained the various schemes and selects one.
  • Provides Id proof / branch web cam used for ID proof.
  • Appraiser conducts specific weight and quality tests of the gold proof.
  • Details entered into the computer and pledge form is printed.
  • Ornaments and Appraisal certificate placed in plastic cover.
  • Pledge from handed over to cashier for payment.
  • Manager does the verification and sanctions the loan at prescribed advance rate.
  • Ornaments and pledge form handed over to the manager.
  • Manager Affixes temperproof sticker and ornaments put in strong room.
  • Customer repays the loan and discharges the Pledge form.
  • Ornaments retrieve from strong room and handed over to the customer.
Today’s Gold price

Rs. 2100 (/ gm)

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